Highly specialized technology

Excavators, wheel loaders, bulldozers, road mills, tarred road finishers – many different construction machines impose similar requirements on control conditions. We have taken on the challenges of the construction industry and developed countless solutions over the past decades that we can build on.


From robust to highly specialized, from weatherproof to highly sensitive – you will find the right joystick for every construction machine in our portfolio.





Developed for extreme environmental requirements


Weather resistant, single-axis

Construction vehicles and municipal vehicles, work platforms

These robust, compact joysticks ST0, ST2, and ST4 have long been used in construction vehicles. Our typical metal drive block assures a long service life and high number of switching cycles. The modularity of the joysticks enables highly specialized adaptations to your wishes. The ST4 was specially designed for wind, now and ice.

Where space is at a premium

The M0 is a small and extremely reliable mini joystick for digital and analog applications. Its low weight and small dimensions make it usable anywhere.


Small, robust, and reliable


Shallow installation depth


Shallow installation depth


Shallow installation depth


Compact dual-axis joystick with bus connection


Our bus pro

Difficult applications

High-precision control is possible with the joysticks CS1 and NS3. Various electronic interfaces for bus connections, amplifier assemblies, solenoid valves or 3D Hall sensor systems enable integration even in complex control consoles. These joysticks are used in construction machines that operate under extreme conditions.

HS0, HS2

High-performance joystick for agricultural sector and the construction sector:

Simple integration into complex control consoles; wear-free 3D Hall sensor system; extremely compact; various gates / end notches / handle shapes.


Our small joystick with 3D Hall technology


3D Hall technology for the highest demands

Mini steering wheel

For the utmost precision


A special solution for agricultural machines and construction machines:

The mini steering wheel has a precise, zero-play steering gear and hydraulic damping of the rotational movement.

Control stations

In addition to all functionalities, control stations for construction machines have special spring suspension systems to ensure a healthy back. We can recommend whether the spring suspension should be mechanical or pneumatic if we know the exact conditions of the work environment.




The space issue is also critical.
How large can the seat and control station be?
Is a folding seat required due to spatial constraints?
Should the control consoles be foldable and outwardly pivotable?

After you have indicated all of your complex requirements, we can develop the optimal control station for you. 


Modular system flexibility


Optimal for narrow cabins

Foot pedals

Controls without pedals almost unthinkable in construction machinery. We ensure that our foot pedals with powder-coated aluminum housings are extremely durable and resistant in all working conditions. Ergonomically ribbed aluminum step plates facilitate operation and heel edges support and offload the foot. We also provide foot switches with metal cable connectors. They are always easy to mount and sturdy, so they are very well-suited for use in the construction sector.



Portable control stations T-011, T-56

They are resistant to oil and fuel, temperature-resistant & waterproof – the portable control stations from Spohn + Burkhardt. Their fiberglass reinforced plastic housing makes them durable, compact control units that we can optionally equip with CAN, CANopen and various joysticks. The functions of your portable panel are adapted to your specific requirements. We also manufacture bases and breastplates. We also provide you with complete systems with connection cables and plugs.



Whether you require complete solutions, single units or series production,
we provide the perfect control technology for your construction machines.

Our project planning team offers you sound advice and calculations.

And our engineers in the R&D department work passionately to find the right custom solutions for you. 

We look forward to your call (+49 73 44 171-0) and are always here for you!