Highly specialized technology

Not everyone can operate a tower crane. Resistance to stress and a high sense of responsibility are mandatory. Tower crane operators must react with foresight and control the crane with precision and concentration. Our highly specialized technology helps them.


At such great heights, controls must be absolutely reliable. Therefore, selection of the appropriate joystick is essential.

Our models VCS0, VNS0, NNS0, NS3, and HS2 are robust precision joysticks with high IP protection categories. Some have numerous switch contacts, while others are equipped with potentiometers, encoders or a 3D Hall system. A large selection of handle shapes and functions are available for most joysticks.

Of course, we also manufacture our joysticks with UV and ozone protection, depending on the application, and we make them resistant to saltwater and oil or equip them with components for use in explosion-prone atmospheres.


Our classic joystick.


Our jack of all trades.


Our special design.


Our bus professional.


3D Hall technology for the highest demands.

Control stations

Shift work and long hours of sitting are part of a crane operator's daily work. Consequently, it is important that the seats of the control stations offer the highest level of comfort. Ergonomic backrests, fixed side support and relieving headrests all contribute to healthy sitting comfort. However, the adjustability of armrests, control consoles and foot pedals and a suspension improve the posture during work. The ergonomics of our control stations are a top priority, we improve them on a continuous basis.

With the memory function, each worker can save the settings for their optimal seat position. Irritating, time-consuming readjustments after each shift change are no longer necessary for any of the workers.

In addition to healthy sitting posture, a perfect view is crucial for a crane operator. In order to guarantee these aspects, we equip our control stations with rotating devices and tilt systems. The angle of rotation and tilt are adjusted as needed; a locking system (either a notch brake or eccentric brake) is integrated. Adjustable footrests and an optional U-cut seat also assure that the view below is clear.




Pedals and portable control panels 

You can supplement the control systems of your crane with suitable foot pedals and portable control stations. We plan the appropriate technology for your requirements.

Our foot switches are robust control devices with a high IP protection rating. There are numerous possibilities for especially good ergonomic adjustment.

The portable control stations are design for cable-bound operation, which means they are not susceptible to interference. We integrate the functions to suit your specific requirements. You specify the other equipment and also select between harnesses and carry straps.

Foot pedal SF




Benefit from our more than 100 years of experience in the tower crane sector.

We drive the development of new technology, and your special requirements are the motor.


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