Robust selector switch, potentiometer drive.

The NS20 is a robust rotary switch, potentiometer drive with an extremely heavy-duty drive mechanism. The basis is a 12 mm square metal shaft that acts as carrier for the metal cam carrier tube. Cam disks bolted onto this tube actuate the contacts depending on angle of rotation.

The individual contacts are available embedded in double contact elements and in silver, in gold-plated silver version, or fitted with blow magnets for DC applications. The contact circuit is designed in accordance with Spobu standard circuits or on a custom basis as specified by the customer.

The rotary switch is optionally available with different plastic or stainless steel handles. In addition a square black aluminum escutcheon plate or a round escutcheon plate with or without engraving can be selected as front-side closure.

Together with metal notched disks from our standard product line or a customized version, flanged-on potentiometers or encoders, these rotary switches reliably handle control tasks in control panels, on-deck control station pillars or control stations.


Contact designation and contact circuits, circuit forms in the downloads.

  • Temperaturbereich -40°C bis +60°C

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