NS00, NS20

Robust rotary switches with robust drive mechanism. Whether standard design or customized design, flanged-on potentiometers or encoders, these switches reliably handle control tasks in control panels, on deck control station pillars, or control stations.




Robust selector switch.


The railway professional.

Drive-brake controller

Joysticks are used widely in the railway and shipping sectors. Switches with contacts and encoders are used primarily. The switch is defined by its functions and output signals.

We developed the drive-brake controllers FBS, VNS0, and ST0for railway applications. They can each be equipped with different features and truly impress with their friction brake and/or resetting function. We also have developed numerous special joysticks with Hall sensors, mechanical reset blocks, positively actuated contacts and dead man's function, with other specifications. We also develop ergonomic designs specifically for railway joysticks and make them resistant to ozone and UV radiation.

Special switches

Special sector-specific challenges require custom configurations. For this reason, we develop custom solutions, such as switches with a double drive or rotary potentiometer for Ex applications. We also install hardware contacts in DC and AC versions that are controlled with proven drive mechanisms, as well as DC and AC contacts. Just ask us – we will find an optimal solution!

Take advantage of the benefits of Spohn + Burkhardt: fast production, a worldwide dealer network and reliable spare parts service.

We look forward to your inquiry and can advise you on the right switch for your application. 


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