RCD – Remote Control Desk

Sets standards in ergonomics and functionality.

The Spohn + Burkhardt Remote Control Desk, a multifunction operating station for cranes, is the alternative to control stations in crane cabins.

Equipped with ergonomically arranged joysticks and control devices, as well as camera visualization of the work environment, the RCD offers a safe and comfortable workstation for controlling cranes from control rooms. The crane operator is spared the time-intensive ascent on large port cranes in expansive port facilities, and thus the RCD simultaneously opens up the possibility of operating different cranes from one workstation.

Ideal for 24/7 workstations

Use of an RCD is not only advantageous in the port area, it is also an advantage in waste incineration plants and recycling facilities, and in the natural gas, gas, and steel industries. Basically, wherever a varied work routine, seated and standing, promotes the safety and health of employees in 24/7 operation. In these conditions this RCD not only offers the extensive height adjustment range from 650 mm to 1300 mm with Safety Stop, but also a single-row or double-row monitor rail for up to 8 monitors, with motorized adjustment to the eye level of the respective operator. Other optional equipment features, such as a technology cabinet, stationary or moving, work illumination, and control elements (joysticks, control devices, computer keyboard, touch screens, etc) arranged specifically for the application, on the high-quality tabletop, round out the product. We offer matching, comfortable operating chairs to complete the workstation.

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