Crane ergonomics

The employees operating the cranes in waste incinerations plants in multiple shifts 365 days per year require a complete overview and concentrated focus. They move enormous amounts of waste to the incineration furnaces with perfectly fitting handles. An optimal seat and smooth control have a strong influence on the positive well-being of the employees during the sometimes monotonous work.


With the joysticks JMS3, NS3, and VNS0 we enable precision control. Whether robust allrounders or high precision all-metal joysticks, these joysticks are ideal for controlling cranes in waste incineration plants.

An extensive range of functional possibilities make the joysticks custom control elements. Hall sensors, potentiometers, encoders, bus circuit boards, detents or resetting, solid brass gears and oil-damped rotation dampers – you choose the equipment that is best suited for your control environment.

The robust construction of the joysticks also enables reliable control in non-stop 3-shift operation.


Our jack of all trades.


Our special design.


Our bus professional.



For the highest precision.


Control stations

Promote a healthy back in spite of long hours working in the cabin with ergonomic comfort seats. Our control stations have a variety of custom adjustment possibilities: backrests, headrests, armrests, footrests and the seat height can be adjusted electrically or manually. A spring suspension system increases the sitting quality and a rotary element in the base of the control station give the operator the possibility of an ideal view.

With the memory function, the seat positions of all employees can be stored. That make readjustment of the seat after every shift change unnecessary.

We design the swiveling side consoles to suit your needs. The control modules of our modular system can be combined according to requirements. There is also plenty of room to install additional input electronic devices.


Optimal for complex inserts


Modular system flexibility


Optimal for multi-shift operation


Optimal for narrow cabins


Sets standards for ergonomics and functionality

Foot pedals



Robust foot pedals made of powder-coated die-cast aluminum supplement the control functions. You can choose between analogue or stepped control, with optional reset function in both cases. The high IP protection rating assures the reliability of the foot switches. 

Ergonomic ribbed step plates and heel edges provide an ideal hold for the foot and contribute to strain relief of the workers.

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