Steel grid resistor

Robust version in a compact design.

Spohn + Burkhardt steel grid resistors for medium to high power ratings. The steel grids are made of high-alloy stainless steel 1.4841 or 1.4541 and can be replaced individually or block-by-block if repairs are necessary. The roof has large ventilation slots for good air flow and optimal cooling. Two eye bolts on the roof enable easy transport and setup of the resistor at the implementation site. The steel grid resistors are suitable for outdoor setup. All resistor blocks are installed in a separate frame for easy replacement. Thanks to the clamping fixture patented by Spohn + Burkhardt, the resistor is optimally protected against vibration. The connections are easily accessible, they can be retrofitted at any time, they can be relocated as desired, and they can be customized to meet customer requirements. Steel grid resistors are intended for floor mounting.

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