This is what our on deck control station pillars can do

On icebreakers at sea in the Actic Ocean, under the searing sun of the Persian Gulf or in the middle of a winter storm in the Atlantic – on deck control stations are used for everything from inland waterway navigation to ocean navigation. For example, when controlling an anchor winch, you must be able to count on fault-free use.  

Our compact and robust housing shape withstands all weather influences and temperatures. It consists of a saltwater-proof cast aluminum alloy and condensation is eliminated with a heating system. On request, we can also apply a wet spray finish in up to 7 layers or apply a powder coating.

Winch controls can be installed on one or both sides and we customize control devices to meet your requirements. We ensure custom configuration of all functions. Various display instruments give you feedback, e.g. pressure and output. You also receive on deck control stations with bus systems such as CAN or CANopen, PROFIBUS, PROFINET or PROFIsafe.

We manufacture the on deck control station pillar with or without a round flange pillar, depending on your application conditions. By the way, for special solutions in stainless steel, you have the flexibility of specifying the housing size and shape.

All on deck control station pillars have a high IP protection category and are also available in EExd versions.



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