Mini steering wheel

For the highest precision.

This extremely sensitive mini steering wheel has a metal 0-play mechanism, which ensures a long mechanical life cycle. For extremely smooth and even more precise control it can also be manufactured with oil-damping. The rotary movement can be designed for 3.5 revolutions, 6.5 revolutions or turn-through without end stop. Thanks to the 0-play design 1:1 transmission of the steering movement is provided. The analog output signal is output, either by conductive plastic potentiometers, or contactless Hall sensors. These are also available in a redundant design for compliance with safety regulations. The mini steering wheel can be combined with different electronic interfaces for integration into the customer system. Different steering attachments, even customized steering attachments are possible on request. This steering wheel shows its strengths in applications requiring reliable control of fast vehicles and machines in construction or agricultural applications.

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