Our classic joystick.

For medium-duty applications, we recommend this joystick which has been proven in use for decades. The drive block with special leak-current-proof, heat-resistant and cold-resistant insulation supports all mechanical components and serves as contact protection for the electrically conductive parts. An optional zero position, horn, or deadman's contact can be integrated in the drive block for space-saving and protected installation. Finger-safe double contact elements for up to 250 V and 10 A are fitted intelligently with positive locking and additionally they are securely flanged onto the drive block. Various connecting links are available for mechanical limiting or guidance of the direction of movement. 

  • Mechanische Verriegelung

For crane, control station, control console, and special device.

Standard and special connections can also be realized with the use of up to four double contact elements per axis. Positive-locking potentiometers and encoders can be docked with the use of a simple sliding coupling or directly instead of a double contact element. In addition to numerous special equipment applications, this joystick is supplied as standard equipment for cranes, control stations, and in portable control consoles - thanks to its low weight.

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