Developed for extreme environmental requirements.

With the design priority to permanently ensure a high front-side IP protection category, the joystick NS2-KA was developed with chrome-plated aluminum upper part, lever, and drive shaft of high-quality stainless steel, as well as a shaft seal.

The contact block in modular design is configured with interchangeable double contact elements and permits switch operations with max. 5-0-5 positions, as well as installation of potentiometers and absolute encoders.

The individual contacts are available embedded in double contact elements and in silver, in gold-plated silver version, or fitted with blow magnets for DC applications. The contact circuit is designed in accordance with Spobu standard circuits or customized as specified by the customer.

Together with metal notching disks from the Spobu standard product line, or in a customized version, flanged-on potentiometers or encoders, these switches reliably handle control tasks under difficult operating conditions on ships, offshore oil drilling rigs, and in steel mills.


Contact designation and contact circuits, circuit forms in the downloads.

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