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The NNS0 and the VNS0 are extremely robust metal joysticks with aluminum die-cast console and metal gear. Resistant to ozone, UV radiation, oil, and maritime climates, they are particularly suited for hard use, even in Ex areas. They are available with single drive or compound drive. With customized, adaptable contact elements, the intelligent modular system enables installation of up to 12 units, each with two switch contacts. These can either be flanged on in the X-direction, Y-direction, and Z-direction or connected in series. With spring return and notches, nine contact elements are the maximum. Notches and cam disks can be selected from an extensive standard range, or they can be programmed as requested by the customer. Silver or gold contacts are optional.


Contact designation and contact circuits, circuit forms in the downloads.

  • Mechanische Verriegelung
  • Temperaturbereich -40°C bis +60°C

Numerous options

The hollow handle stalk made of a special alloy, with 8 mm diameter for VNS0, 12 mm diameter for NNS0, enables assembly of a variety of handles and offers the possibility of guiding cables through the joystick. Rotational movements are also possible with a variety of handle variants. The special coupling system offers a simple possibility for flanged mounting of various potentiometers and optoelectronic encoders. There are also a variety of printed circuit boards for bus systems available with adapted system size. You can optionally receive the rosette according to your specifications in a transparent plastic version with the labeling of your choice, or as an engraved aluminum version.

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