Small, durable, and reliable.

The M0 mini joystick is designed for digital applications with up to 5-0-5 step output and/or analogue applications with potentiometers. Micro-switches or analogue sensors are installed with modular double contacts on the drive block made of durable PA6 GF30 plastic. Of course, resistance to ozone, UV radiation, oil, and maritime climate is obligatory. Despite a very low installation depth, both a single drive and compound drive with self-reset can be realized. 

  • Mechanische Verriegelung

Design and use

With microswitches installed, this joystick developed for low voltages can also be used for operating voltages of up to 230 V AC. For added stability, the high handle stalk was produced from metal and thus installation of a pushbutton in the handle is also enabled. An X-Y connecting link is also available in addition to the standard connecting link for throws of up to 26 degrees. With its low weight and small dimensions, the joystick is intended for installation in portable panels and as a control switch for auxiliary functions.

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