Shallow installation depth.

Thanks to its compact dimensions the joystick M0N-OS is ideal for installation in housings with a low interior height. In spite of its compact design it is available as a single-axis or dual-axis version with spring return. Its base body, made of resistant plastic, serves as a carrier for the microswitches. Depending on the switching direction a microswitch with a normally open (NO) contact and a normally closed (NC) contact is available. Its contacts switch low DC voltages / direct currents with the same reliability that they switch AC voltages.

  • Mechanische Verriegelung

Metal lever

The hollow lever, made of metal for stability, permits mounting of a handle with pushbutton. For applications that demand special switching functions, the joystick can be equipped with a cross gate or a special gate.

Lightweight, as a joystick for auxiliary functions, it is ideally suited for installation in portable control stations and in fixed operating stations.

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