Compact 2-axis joystick with bus connection.

This compact, yet versatile joystick series is proof that joysticks do not have to be large. The durable and precise metal gear, controlled with an 8 mm (12 mm for single drive) handle stalk, drives with stamped cam discs, micro-switches, or metal gears or conductive plastic or wire-coiled potentiometers. Electronic interfaces for bus connection and amplifier assemblies for analogue transmission that are protected and shielded with a metal cup can be optionally installed under the impact-resistant, anti-aging plastic drive block. 

  • Temperaturbereich -25°C +60°C
  • Mechanische Verriegelung

Variants thanks to the modular principle

The wide range of variants is made possible on the basis of a modular principle including standard and special connecting links, rosettes, rubber gaiters, and handles. If a version meeting your requirements is not included, we can develop one that is specially optimized for your application.

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