G25, G9


The G25 and G9 are designed such that they can be operated between the thumb and index finger or with the entire hand.

For the G25 handle the upper operating field is ergonomically tilted to the rear, max. 4 pushbuttons can installed in the operating field. On the side, an additional 2 pushbuttons can be installed, either left, right or on the front.

In the G9 handle a pushbutton, protruding or recessed, can be placed on top
and 1 pushbutton can be placed on the side. In the standard version the upper cover of the G9 has a protruding bead; the handle is also available without bead.

Installed in control stations or Remote Control Desks, these handles ensure fatigue-free, precise work, supported by the optional hand rest.

  • Temperaturbereich -40°C bis +60°C

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