Handles from Spohn + Burkhardt – so that all handles sit perfectly!

Handles are as diverse as the sectors in which they are used. Combined with joysticks, switches, control stations, on deck control station pillars or portable control stations, our handles are a reliable addition. Whether the design is simple or complex, we develop the exact solution that you need.

In the regard, it is important to us that all shapes, from the handles to the buttons, promote ergonomic and user-friendly movement.

Standard handles

Palm handles

Ball handles


Universal handles

Rotary functions

Normally we provide our handles in conjunction with other products.
Of course, if you are interested in conversion in order to optimize haptics and functions of your control devices, we are also the right contact partner in this regard.

We can advise you which handles are best suited to your requirements.


Call us at (+49 73 44 171-0) or send us an email (sales@spobu.com).