Optimal for narrow cabins

Our joystick box JB not only offers a modern, dynamic and unmistakable design, it also offers outstanding functionality, i.e. a maximum number of inserts in a minimum space. This joystick box is attached on different seats by means of an armrest with many adjustment possibilities to complete the control station. The control system from the MFK series of control stations is now complete; it offers maximum ergonomics and thus fatigue-free and practice-oriented work advantages. Its design offers a variety of adjustment possibilities, height adjustment, forward / back movement, tilting, inside / outside movement, inward swivel, pivot around its own axis, joystick height adjustment relative to armrest, and it can be folded upward for a fast exit.

For a variety of applications

With its compact dimensions, the joystick box has proven its effectiveness in a wide variety of applications. In narrow cabins on mobile machines in the forestry or agricultural sectors, and controlling cranes. Basically, wherever big things must be moved with a limited number of control elements. Available in 2 sizes in the color scheme telegray / graphite black. Powder-coating of metal parts in a customized color scheme and with customer logo are available options. The box can be delivered with individually adapted layouts or standard layouts for installation in control devices. Compact joysticks, optionally with hand rest, pushbuttons, selector switches, and indicator lamps, as well as keyboard modules and displays can all be installed.

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