FS control stations

Versatility, and above all robust construction, are the outstanding characteristics of our modularly designed FS control stations.
FS control stations are designed in accordance with all ergonomic perspectives for relaxed and fatigue-free work.
Even with vibration or on difficult/uneven terrain, seat and console offer ideal sitting comfort through optimal interaction with the suspension. They move together, and this ensures a constant arm posture or sitting posture.


Two adjustment rail sets

Through two adjustment rail sets Spohn + Burkhardt ensures optimal sitting conditions and visibility. The upper adjustment rail set enables longitudinal adjustment of the upper seat section relative to the side consoles, this means ideal adaptation of joysticks and operating elements to the sitting position. The lower adjustment rail set is used for longitudinal adjustment of the upper seat section, including consoles for an ideal view of the actual work area.

FSRHD-2G Tutorial

Suitable consoles