Optimal for complex inserts

Robust, stationary or rotating control stations are used to control complex machines and crane systems in ports and industrial facilities. Spohn + Burkhardt developed the SV1C series of versatile, configurable control stations in a modular system for these tasks. 

We deliver the optimal control station for your application, completely wired, tested, with integrated joysticks, operating elements, and electronic modules, as plug & play version for direct installation, on request with cabin. 

Ergonomically designed, the SV1C offers a variety of adjustment possibilities for the perfect balance of operating and sitting and for relaxed, fatigue-free work. For adaptation to the respective body size, the high-quality comfort seats can be adjusted longitudinally, in height and tilt relative to the side consoles. Lumbar support is standard equipment, a cut-out in the seat cushion is available as an option. 

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