Ideal for multi-shift operation.

The control station FSMMD Ultra has been developed especially for applications that impose the most rigorous requirements on ergonomics and adjustment possibilities. The extensive adjustment distances of seat and side consoles allow the operator to work either seated or standing. The operator can easily store electrically adjustable seat and console positions with the factory-standard memory control.  The generously dimensioned memory control allows 30 operators to each store 5 custom adjustments.

Here you can find the instructions for the recommended seat settings of the FSMMD Ultra.

Comfortable, fatigue-free work

Comfortable, fatigue-free work is supported by the combination of the control station basis with comfort seats from the SPOBU product portfolio. Slender, generously dimensioned side consoles with special design offer a lot of space for installation of joysticks and control devices; optionally monitors can be integrated or laterally attached with arms.

The color concept is the finishing touch that enhances the appearance and value of the control station. Delivered without inserts or completely wired with built-in control devices, this control station is outstandingly suited for the high requirements of 3-shift operation.

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