Your requirements are our concern

Your healthy and efficient work is the driving force behind our production of control stations. The engineers in our R&D department apply all of their knowledge and skill to this end. They develop new ideas from your requirements.

Every installation location of control stations has its specific details, which we factor in: dizzying heights, tight spatial constraints, highly-precise control tasks. An unimpeded panoramic view is necessary in a crane system and a seat in a small cabin may have to fold together. Control stations in container harbors must tilt differently than in mobile cranes. Employees in power plants are exposed to different temperatures than on oil rigs, where integrated seat heaters contribute to well-being. What may only appear to be minor details ultimately makes a big difference for the workers.


Optimal for multi-shift operation


Electric control station, optimal for multi-shift operation, integrated memory function, electrically adjustable seat and console positions, motorized rotation


FS control stations in modular design that are particularly characterized by robustness and versatility. We adapt every control station specifically to your requirements


Modular system flexibility


Optimal for narrow cabins


Optimal for narrow cabins


The new MFK series of control stations combines modern dynamic design, functionality, and economy. It impresses with its good looks and a special color scheme, and also through the construction of the metal bearing parts.


Robust control station, optimal for complex inserts, high degree of flexibility and combination, especially well-suited for integration of electronic input devices


Optimal for complex inserts


Sets standards for ergonomics and functionality


The Remote Control Desk is a multifunction operating station for cranes; it is a first-class alternative to control stations in crane cabins. The RCD offers a safe and convenient workstation for controlling cranes from a control room.


Entry-level control station, optimal for small control cabins and simple control tasks, installation of collapsible seat to comfort seat possible


Optimal for small control cabins

Ergonomic work

We have developed many features with which the control stations can be equipped (to meet your requirements).
Ergonomics are a very important point in this regard.

Comfort seats

Most of our seats have long, full body contoured, tilting backrests. Incorporated fins can relieve the spinal column and the side contour give the back an optimal hold. On request, we can also install an adjustable headrest.

The seat can rotate or tilt or both, depending on the view required by your tasks. The possibilities here are comprehensive and the turning radius of our rotating control stations can be adjusted up to 270°; tilt can be changed up to 14°. A u-cut seat also enables an unobstructed view below.

A seat suspension system improves work quality on uneven terrain. Optionally, height, tilt and rotation can be adjusted electrically.


We also emphasize the ergonomics of armrests. They can be designed simply or adjusted individually. They are also adjustable in length and can be easily adapted to body size and arm length. Special hand supports relieve the arms additionally.

Control consoles

The appearance of the control consoles depends on the functions that are used. However, our control stations can also be combined with all consoles and joysticks from Spohn + Burkhardt. Even mini steering wheels, microphones or monitors can be integrated. Each console, every joystick is reviewed in regard to your requirements and can be customized as necessary.

The control consoles are also equipped with continuously variable tilt adjustment with gas shock assist. The console covers have a slight inward slope in order to enable relaxed work.

Some control consoles can be folded upwards in order to facilitate exiting the control station. Others can pivot outwards. The console covers can also be either removed or folded backwards or forwards. Their width depends on the design, which you can determine.

Foot rests

Foot rests that rotate with the seat are available in a variety of versions. The attached brackets can be adjusted upwards or outwards.

Special details

Memory function

There are small things that enable professional work. If your control station is used in an environment with multi-shift operation, the memory function saves time by storing the seat settings of the individual workers.


High-quality seatbelts offer additional safety, either as a lap belt or as a 4-point shoulder harness. We can also integrate an optional seat contact.

Seat heating

We recommend an electric seat heating unit for work in cold weather regions.

Sliding systems

We also combine our control stations with the appropriate sliding systems.

Which control stations are right for you?

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