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Photo credits

Sector photos

Home/Sector Overview/Sector Page Tower Cranes
153193803 – A yellow crane against the background of a glass skyscraper facade, with a spectacular reflection of the sun.
© aapsky

Home/Sector Overview/Sector Page Construction Machines
229271738 – Excavators at work
© XtravaganT

Home/Sector Overview Industry
80145989 – Power station
© Cozyta

Home/Sector Overview/Sector Page Ship/Port
241274400 – Panorama aerial view of oil tanker sailing past seaport warehouse and container ship/crane ship at work delivering a shipment of containers.
© Pawinee

Home/Sector Overview/Sector Page Agriculture
87666594 – close-up view of modern combine harvester in action.
© ThomasLENNE

Home/Sector Overview/Sector Page Railway
117524744 – Beautiful railway station with modern red commuter train at sunset
© den-belitsky

Sector Overview Industry/Sector Page Steel Mill
60550334 – Stahlwerk / steel mill
© industrieblick

Sector Overview Industry/Sector Page Waste Incineration
23657041 – Garbage dump
© Aleš Nowák

Sector Overview Industry/Industry Page Cement Plant
25738420 - Gravel plant / cement plant
© WestPic

Sector Overview Industry/Sector Page Materials Handling
30802448 - | Dreamstime.com
© Kiriak

Company building Spohn + Burkhardt

© Advertising agency Mediengestalter Moritz Graf, 89150 Laichingen, Germany

Other photos

Products/Joysticks/Joystick ST0 Lokomotive: © Schöma Lokomotiven control console: Fotolia © fovito Snow plow: Fotolia © Turi

Products/Joysticks/Joystick ST1, .../Joystick NS0-SFA and .../Joystick NS2KA Excursion boat: Kopf solar boats © RayPower GmbH
Riverboat on the Rhine: Fotolia © Thomas Franck Ocean-going tugs: Fotolia © Björn Wylezich

Products/Joysticks/Joystick ST2
Assembly worker on lifting platform: Fotolia © photo 5000 Red crane spider: © Teupen Hebebühnen
Worker on small lifting platform: © RUTHEMANN GmbH & Co. KG

Products/Joysticks/Joystick ST4
Aircraft at pushback: Fotolia © Björn Wylezich Worker on solar roof: © RUTHEMANN GmbH & Co. KG Finishing machine for concrete roads: Fotolia © Fotolia RAW

Produkte/Joysticks/Joystick M0N/M0N-WK/M0N-W/M0N-OS control console T022: © Spohn + Burkhardt
Control console: © Wagner GmbH, Hydraulik + Antrieb Surveillance camera: Fotolia © Goodpics
Products/Joysticks/Joystick VCS0
Crane on large construction site in Barcelona: Fotolia © JackF Passenger boarding bridges at Berlin Brandenburg Airport: Fotolia © Patrick P. Palej
Worker with a portable control station: © GOLDHOFER Aktiengesellschaft

Products/Joysticks/Joystick VNS0 Crane on large construction site: © Liebherr
Crane in waste incineration plant: Fotolia © Belish Factory building: S12 mexico-022 © ArcelorMittal

Products/Joysticks/Joystick NNS0 Loading containers at port: © Liebherr Row of tower cranes: © Liebherr Steel production: © Spohn + Burkhardt

Products/Joysticks/Joystick CS1
Fire engine on airfield: © Ziegler Feuerwehrfahrzeuge Mobile crane loading old tires: Fotolia © Budimir Jevtic Loading and unloading containers: © Terex Port Solutions

Products/Joysticks/Joystick NS3
Crane loading a container ship: © Terex Port Solutions Blue crane with timber: © Terex Fuchs
Forwarder in forest: Fotolia © Mario Hagen

Products/Joysticks/Joystick HS0
Agriculture, Combine, Harvesting: © BillionPhotos.com Road roller at work on the construction site: © Stockr Dreamstime.com © Kiriak

Products/Joysticks/Joystick HS2 Small snow plow: © Pistenbully
Yellow combine harvesting: Fotolia © Simon Kraus Lifting a container: © Spohn + Burkhardt

Products/Joysticks/Joystick JMS3 Container transport: © Terex Port Solutions In the car: © PARAVAN GmbH
Fitting a rotor on a wind turbine: Fotolia © hykoe

Products/Joysticks/Joystick VNS2 Garzweiler Surface Mine: Fotolia © ted007 Liebherr Ehingen Plant: Fotolia © fotkaju Blast furnaces: S18 ukraine-0109 © Arcelor Mittal

Produkte/Joysticks/Joystick NS2-KA Excursion boat: Kopf Solarboote © RayPower GmbH Drive Joystick for shipping: © Thomas Franck Joystick for shipping: © Björn Wylezich

Products/Joysticks/Mini Steering Wheel
Road roller at work on the construction site: © Stockr Agriculture, Combine, Harvesting: © BillionPhotos.com Container terminal: © robertmandel138

Rail vehicles: © Schöma Lokomotiven Light rail: © Solaris Straßenbahn Locomotives: © Schöma Lokomotiven