The Company

The company was founded in 1920 in Blaubeuren Germany by Karl Spohn and David Burkhardt. Today, it is still 100 percent family-owned.

With a staff of 200 in three locations, today we produce a broad range of joysticks, control stations, and resistors in acknowledged top quality.

Mechanical production, metalworking, and surface refinement take place in the Schelklingen plant. With a very high in-house production depth, we have the capacity to quickly and reliably address individual customer requests. Special skills in stainless steel processing and in-house facilities for powder coating and liquid painting underscore our independence and competence.

The company headquarters is located in Blaubeuren. This is where, in the vicinity of the well-known Blautopf ("Blue Pot". The second largest spring in Germany, known among other things for the peculiar blue color of its water) the administrative organizations are located. This is where our development and engineering team works on innovative new products to satisfy constantly changing customer requirements.

In addition to perfect mechanical components, electronics have become an increasingly important part of our products. The functions, final joystick assembly, control station construction, and resistor construction are likewise located in our assembly plant in Blaubeuren.

With skilled engineering and decades-long experience, we work with you to solve your problems and assist you from start to finish. This is our strength and the basis of our success.

As a medium-sized Swabian company, our size gives us the unbeatable ability to react quickly and flexibly. Whenever technology moves in the world's markets, Spohn + Burkhardt is usually the trigger.